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    • Coding Techniques for Error Correction and Rewriting in Flash Memories 

      Mohammed, Shoeb Ahmed (2010-10-12)
      Flash memories have become the main type of non-volatile memories. They are widely used in mobile, embedded and mass-storage devices. Flash memories store data in floating-gate cells, where the amount of charge stored ...
    • Error Correction Using Probabilistic Language Models 

      Sunder, Gowrishankar (2015-05-07)
      Error Correction has applications in a variety of domains given the prevalence of errors of various kinds and the need to programmatically correct them as accurately as possible. For example, error correction is used in ...
    • On the Application of Sudoku to Error Correction in Communication 

      Young, Andrew 1989- (2012-04-22)
      This work provides a detailed analysis of the general Sudoku problem with particular attention given to the first nontrivial case. A formal mathematical model is developed and used to determine several important parameters; ...