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    • Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy (EERE) Projects in Texas Public Schools 

      Kim, H.; Liu, Z.; Baltazar, J. C.; Mukhopadhyay, J.; Haberl, J. S.; Do, S.; Yazdani, B.; Culp, C. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 2010-08)
      This paper presents the preliminary results from an analysis of the energy saving potential in new and existing Texas Independent School Districts (ISDs). The analysis was performed using a K-12 simulation model based on ...
    • Industrial - Utility Cogeneration Systems 

      Harkins, H. L. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1979)
      Cogeneration may be described as an efficient method for the production of electric power in conjunction with process steam or heat which optimizes the energy supplied as fuel to maximize the energy produced for consumption. ...
    • Recommendations for 15% Above-Code Energy Efficiency Measures on Implementing Houston Amendments to Multifamily Residential Buildings in Houston Texas 

      Mukhopadhyay, J.; Liu, Z.; Malhotra, M.; Kota, S.; Blake, S.; Haberl, J.; Culp, C.; Yazdani, B. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 2009-11)
      This paper presents results from an analysis of the energy saving potential for multifamily residential buildings in Houston. In this analysis, the energy efficient measures were proposed by the building officials with the ...