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    • Astrophysical S factor for Be-9(p,gamma)B-10 

      Sattarov, A.; Mukhamedzhanov, AM; Azhari, A.; Gagliardi, Carl A.; Trache, L.; Tribble, Robert E. (American Physical Society, 1999)
      The Be-9(p, gamma) B-10 reaction plays an important role in primordial and stellar nucleosynthesis of light elements in the p shell, but the energy dependence of S(E) has not been well understood. We reanalyze the existing ...
    • Asymptotic normalization coefficients and the Be-7(p, gamma)B-8 astrophysical S factor 

      Azhari, A.; Burjan, V.; Carstoiu, F.; Gagliardi, Carl A.; Kroha, V.; Mukhamedzhanov, AM; Nunes, FM; Tang, X.; Trache, L.; Tribble, Robert E. (American Physical Society, 2001)
      We consider the results of two proton transfer reactions, B-10(Be-7, B-8)Be-9 and N-14(Be-7, B-8)C-13, to obtain a weighted average of the measured asymptotic normalization coefficients for the virtual transition 7Be +pB-8. ...
    • Asymptotic normalization coefficients for B-8 -> Be-7+p from a study of Li-8 -> Li-7+n 

      Trache, L.; Azhari, A.; Carstoiu, F.; Clark, HL; Gagliardi, Carl A.; Lui, YW; Mukhamedzhanov, AM; Tang, X.; Timofeyuk, N.; Tribble, Robert E. (American Physical Society, 2003)
      Asymptotic normalization coefficients (ANCs) for Li-8-->Li-7+n have been extracted from the neutron transfer reaction C-13(Li-7,Li-8)C-12 at 63 MeV. These are related to the ANCs in B-8-->Be-7 + p using charge symmetry. ...
    • Determination of the direct capture contribution for N-13(p,gamma)O-14 from the O-14 -> N-13+p asymptotic normalization coefficient 

      Tang, XD; Azhari, A.; Fu, CB; Gagliardi, Carl A.; Mukhamedzhanov, AM; Pirlepesov, F.; Trache, L.; Tribble, Robert E.; Burjan, V.; Kroha, V.; Carstoiu, F.; Irgaziev, BF. (American Physical Society, 2004)
      N-13(p, gamma)O-14 is one of the key reactions which trigger the onset of the hot CNO cycle. This transition occurs when the proton capture rate on 13N is faster, due to increasing stellar temperature (greater than or equal ...
    • Hadronic scattering of charmed mesons 

      Lin, ZW; Ko, Che Ming; Zhang, B. (American Physical Society, 2000)
      The scattering cross sections of charm mesons with hadrons such as the pion, rho meson, and nucleon are studied in an effective Lagrangian. In heavy ion collisions, rescattering of produced charm mesons by hadrons affects ...
    • The N-14(Be-7,B-8)C-13 reaction and the Be-7(p,gamma)B-8 S factor 

      Azhari, A.; Burjan, V.; Carstoiu, F.; Gagliardi, Carl A.; Kroha, V.; Mukhamedzhanov, AM; Tang, X.; Trache, L.; Tribble, Robert E. (American Physical Society, 1999)
      The N-14(Be-7,B-8)C-13 reaction was studied using an 85 MeV Be-7 radioactive beam. The asymptotic normalization coefficients for the virtual transitions Be-7+pB-8 were determined from the measured cross section. These ...
    • np elastic spin transfer measurements at 788 MeV 

      McNaughton, M. W.; Koch, K.; Supek, I.; Tanaka, N.; McNaughton, K. H.; Riley, P. J.; Ambrose, DA; Johnson, J. D.; Smith, A.; Glass, G.; Hiebert, John C.; Northcliffe, L. C.; Simon, A. J.; Adams, D. L.; Ransome, R. D.; Clayton, D. B.; Spinka, H. M.; Jepperson, R. H.; Tripard, G. E. (American Physical Society, 1991)
      We have measured the spin-transfer parameters K(LL), K(SL), K(LS), and K(SS) at 788 MeV from 47-degrees to 177-degrees c.m., and also uncovered a 10-16 % normalization discrepancy which affects all previous np elastic spin ...
    • Possibility to Determine the Astrophysical S-Factor for the Be-7(p,gamma)b-8 Radiative-Capture from Analysis of the Be-7(he-3,d)b-8 Reaction 

      Mukhamedzhanov, AM; Tribble, Robert E.; imofeyuk, N. K. (American Physical Society, 1995)
    • Thermal charm production in a quark-gluon plasma in Pb-Pb collisions at root S(NN)=5.5 TeV 

      Zhang, Ben-Wei; Ko, Che Ming; Liu, Wei. (American Physical Society, 2008)
      Charm production from the quark-gluon plasma created in the midrapidity of central heavy ion collisions at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is studied in the next-to-leading order in QCD. Using a schematic longitudinally ...