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    • np elastic spin transfer measurements at 788 MeV 

      McNaughton, M. W.; Koch, K.; Supek, I.; Tanaka, N.; McNaughton, K. H.; Riley, P. J.; Ambrose, DA; Johnson, J. D.; Smith, A.; Glass, G.; Hiebert, John C.; Northcliffe, L. C.; Simon, A. J.; Adams, D. L.; Ransome, R. D.; Clayton, D. B.; Spinka, H. M.; Jepperson, R. H.; Tripard, G. E. (American Physical Society, 1991)
      We have measured the spin-transfer parameters K(LL), K(SL), K(LS), and K(SS) at 788 MeV from 47-degrees to 177-degrees c.m., and also uncovered a 10-16 % normalization discrepancy which affects all previous np elastic spin ...
    • np-elastic analyzing power An0 and spin transfer Knn 

      McNaughton, M. W.; Johnston, K.; Swenson, D. R.; Tupa, D.; York, R. L.; Ambrose, DA; Coffey, P.; McNaughton, K. H.; Riley, P. J.; Glass, G.; Hiebert, John C.; Jeppersen, R. H.; Spinka, H.; Supek, I.; Tripard, G. E.; Woolverton, H. (American Physical Society, 1993)
      We have measured the analyzing power A(NO) and the spin transfer K(NN) for np-elastic scattering from about 60-degrees to 170-degrees c.m. at 485, 635, and 788 MeV. The new data clarify previous discrepancies and complete ...