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    • Asymmetric Information in Common-Value Auctions and Contests: Theory and Experiments 

      Rentschler, Lucas Aaren (2011-10-21)
      In common-value auctions and contests economic agents often have varying levels of information regarding the value of the good to be allocated. Using theoretical and experimental analysis, I examine the effect of ...
    • Experiments on decision making and auctions 

      Watson, Elizabeth Ann (2009-06-02)
      Experimental economics is often called upon to inform theory and aid in explaining real world behavior. As such it is important to carefully design laboratory experiments to test the validity of new theories and to reexamine ...
    • Online Auctions: Theoretical and Empirical Investigations 

      Zhang, Yu (2010-10-12)
      This dissertation, which consists of three essays, studies online auctions both theoretically and empirically. The first essay studies a special online auction format used by eBay, “Buy-It- Now” (BIN) auctions, in which ...