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    • A memory-efficient algorithm to obtain splicing graphs and de novo expression estimates from de Bruijn graphs of RNA-Seq data 

      Sze, Sing-Hoi; Tarone, Aaron M (BioMed Central, 2014-07-14)
      The recent advance of high-throughput sequencing makes it feasible to study entire transcriptomes through the application of de novo sequence assembly algorithms. While a popular strategy is to first construct an intermediate ...
    • Predictable Internal Brain Dynamics in EEG and Its Relation to Conscious States 

      Yoo, Jaewook; Kwon, Jaewook; Choe, Yoonsuck (Frontiers, 2014-06-03)
      Consciousness is a complex and multi-faceted phenomenon defying scientific explanation. Part of the reason why this is the case is due to its subjective nature. In our previous computational experiments, to avoid such a ...
    • Texas Center for Digital Humanities and New Media 

      Earhart, Amy; Ives, Maura; Burkart, Patrick; Ezell, Margaret; Harner, James; Ramasubramanian, Srividya; Vieira de Castro, Filipe; Morris, Jeff; Dox, Donnalee; Urbina, Eduardo; Burlbaw, Lynn M.; Carpenter, B. Stephen II; Davis, Trina J.; Yadav, Manjit; Herbert, Bruce; Akleman, Ergun; Furuta, Richard; Shipman, Frank; Vedlitz, Arnold (2009)
      We propose the creation of a Center for Digital Humanities, Media and Culture (formerly titled Texas Center for Digital Humanities and New Media). The Center will address two related grand challenges: the need to investigate ...
    • Topic Modeling Shakespeare’s Plays 

      Meneses, Luis (2016-10-26)