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    • Development of a Risk Based Inherent Safety Index Using an Integrated Approach 

      Xu, Wei; Zhang, Bin; Sun, Yue; Escobar, Harold; Jain, Prerna; Zhu, Wen; Gopalaswami, Nirupama; Roy, Nitin; Mu, Shanjun; Mannan, M. Sam (American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2018-04-25)
      The growing demand for petrochemical products and the implementation of new process technologies have made the petrochemical plants more complex; therefore, it becomes more challenging to manage the risk. Traditionally, ...
    • Thermal Hazard Analysis of Nitroaromatic Compounds 

      Zhu, Wen (2019-07-18)
      Nitroaromatic compounds are among the largest group of industry chemicals. Due to the high bond-association energy (BDE) of the C-NO2 in nitroaromatic compounds (297 ± 17 kJ/mole), once the runaway reaction is triggered, ...