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    • Centrifugal Pump Operation, Maintenance, and Reliability 

      DePaolis, David; Donley, Richard; Gottlieb, Adam; Stevenson, Calvin; Pairmore, Paul; Kumar, Arun; Whaley, Katie; Heggemann, Marc (Turbomachinery Laboratory, Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station, 2018)
      Repair Specs, use, in house repair specs Lube oil storage and usage Mechanical seals and bearings issues Pump monitoring how are we doing this and how do we want to do this Craft training precision maintenance Best ...
    • P05 - Centrifugal Pump Operation, Maintenance, and Reliability 

      Kumar, Arun; Donley, Richard; Whaley, Katie; DePaolis, David; Stevenson, Calvin; Pairmore, Paul; Gottlieb, Adam; Putnam, Thomas (Turbomachinery LaboratoryTexas A&M Engineering Experiment StationTexas A & M University. Libraries, [2019])
      Top Voted for Discussion in 2017: MI Inspections of pumps - (casing thickness) UT, on-line, shops; Methods for preventing reverse rotation, detecting reverse rotation; Hot alignment is there benefits, what temperature; ...