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    • Growing Fall Vegetables and Annuals in South Central Texas. 

      Parsons, Jerry; Cotner, Sam; Johnson, Jerral; Janne, Everett; Stewart, J. W.; Roberts, Roland; Johnson, Shirley (Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, 1979)
    • Keys to Profitable Lettuce Production. 

      Longbrake, Tom; Larsen, John; Cotner, Sam; Roberts, Roland (Texas Agricultural Extension Service, 1970)
    • Keys to Profitable Onion Production in Texas. 

      Longbrake, Tom; Hartz, Tim; Cotner, Sam; Roberts, Roland; Parsons, Jerry; Stockton, Austin; Cartwright, Bob; Amador, Jose (Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, 1987)
    • Keys to Profitable Watermelon Production. 

      Longbrake, Tom; Parsons, Jerry; Roberts, Roland (Texas Agricultural Extension Service, 1980)
    • Pinto Beans. 

      Roberts, Roland; Baker, Marty; Braverman, Michael; Bryant, Joseph J.; Cotner, Sam; Dainello, Frank; Helmers, Sammy; Hickey, Michael; Kaufman, Harold; Longbrake, Thomas; Morrison, William P.; Parsons, Jerry; Smith, Jackie; Stein, Larry (Texas Agricultural Extension Service, 1991)
    • Specialty Vegetables in Texas. 

      Longbrake, Thomas D.; Baker, Marvin L.; Cotner, Sam; Parsons, Jerry; Roberts, Roland; Stein, Larry (Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, 1988)