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    • Development of Advanced Nanomanufacturing: 3D Integration and High Speed Directed Self-assembly 

      Li, Huifeng (2011-10-21)
      Development of nanoscience and nanotechnology requires rapid and robust nanomanufacturing processes to produce nanoscale materials, structures and devices. The dissertation aims to contribute to two major challenging and ...
    • Dispersion, alignment and deposition of nanotubes 

      Sue, Hung-jue; Cheng, Xing; Sun, Dazhi; Li, Huifeng; Chu, Chien-chia (United States. Patent and Trademark OfficeTexas A&M University. Libraries, 2012-06-12)
      A dispersible nanocomposite comprising nanotubes associated with nanoplatelets. A method for creating an exfoliated nanotubes solution, aligning nanotubes and depositing them on a substrate or in matrix. In one embodiment, ...