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    • Empirical Essays on the Efficiency of Heterogeneous Good Auction 

      Martin, Thomas A., IV (2010-01-14)
      A recent pursuit of the auction design literature has been the development of an auction mechanism which performs well in a multi-good setting, when the goods are not substitutes. This work began in earnest with the Federal ...
    • Essays on a Monopolist's Product Choice and its Effect on Social Welfare 

      Cho, Sung Ick (2012-10-19)
      This dissertation builds on earlier works by analyzing the provision of product quality by a monopolist and comparing that to a social planner. This paper extends the analysis of this problem to the discrete quality setting. ...
    • A Smart, Price-Based Energy Policy 

      Griffin, James M. (Mosbacher Institute for Trade, Economics & Public Policy, 2017-03)
      Energy policy in the United States is fatally flawed both in the process by which problems are identified and in the solutions that are chosen. It relies too heavily on subsidies, tax credits, grants, and mandates, when ...