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    • Copy Number Variation in the Horse Genome 

      Ghosh, Sharmila; Qu, Zhipeng; Das, Pranab J.; Fang, Erica; Juras, Rytis; Cothran, E. Gus; McDonell, Sue; Kenney, Daniel G.; Lear, Teri L.; Adelson, David L.; Chowdhary, Bhanu P.; Raudsepp, Terje; Barsh, Gregory S. (PLoS Genetics, 2014)
    • Molecular Studies in Horses with SRY-Positive XY Sex Reversal 

      Fang, Erica (2012-02-14)
      Sex determination in mammals is regulated by the sex-determining region on the Y chromosome (SRY); the presence of SRY activates the male developmental pathway and suppresses the gene network necessary for female gonad ...