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    • Bagworms 

      Drees, Bastiaan M. (2008-07-02)
      Bagworms are a pest of evergreens and many broadleaved plants. If left unchecked, they can completely defoliate trees and shrubs. This publication explains how to identify the various bagworm species in Texas and how to ...
    • Butterfly Gardening in Texas 

      Drees, Bastiaan M.; Jackman, John A. (1999-07-14)
      This two-poster set features dramatic photographs of butterflies, caterpillars and plants that attract them. These decorative posters provide information on how to raise caterpillars and attract butterflies to a home garden. ...
    • Effects of red imported fire ants on songbird nest survival 

      Campomizzi, Andrew J. (2009-05-15)
      Invasive species are often implicated in population declines of native species through competition and predation. Red imported fire ant (Solenopsis invicta) predation of songbird nestlings and eggs has been documented. I ...
    • Fire Ant Control: The Two-Step Method and Other Approaches 

      Drees, Bastiaan M.; Schofield, Kimberly; Brown, Elizabeth; Nester, Paul; Keck, Molly; Flanders, K. (2008-03-27)
      There may not be one "best way to control fire ants, but this publication can help you find the most cost-effective and environmentally sound method for each situation. It includes information on fire ant identification, ...
    • Fire Ants and Their Control. 

      Hamman, Philip J.; Drees, Bastiaan M.; Vinson, S. Bradleigh (Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, 1986)
    • Florida Wax Scales: Control Measures in Texas for Hollies 

      Drees, Bastiaan M.; Reinert, James; Williams, Michael L. (2006-11-30)
      This publication explains how to control Florida wax scales, which have begun attacking hollies in Texas. 6 pp., 4 photos
    • Gall-Making Insects and Mites 

      Bogran, Carlos E.; Drees, Bastiaan M.; Hudgeons, Jeremy L. (2006-03-30)
      Galls are abnormal swellings of plant tissue caused by insects, bacteria, fungi, mites or nematodes. Insects that cause galls include certain moth caterpillars, beetles, flies, jumping plant lice, aphids and small wasps. ...
    • Houston, We Have a Problem: Rasberry Crazy Ants 

      Drees, Bastiaan M. (2009-03-15)
      Since first discovered in Pasadena in 2002 by pest control operator Tom Rasberry, Rasberry crazy ants have spread to 11 southeast Texas counties. Here are facts about these ants, with information for the public about what ...
    • Management of Imported Fire Ants in Cattle Production Systems 

      Fuchs, Thomas W.; Drees, Bastiaan M. (2004-03-31)
      This publication can help ranch managers develop integrated pest management plans for managing fire ant problems in cattle operations. It covers the specifics of managing fire ants in hay pastures and rangelands, around ...
    • Managing Household Ant Pests 

      Drees, Bastiaan M. (2005-12-02)
      Learning to identify pest ants, understanding their biology and knowing control alternatives will ensure success in combating them. This publication explains how to distinguish winged ants from termites, how to identify ...
    • Managing Imported Fire Ants in Urban Areas 

      Drees, Bastiaan M. (2006-08-17)
      The imported fire ant is found in much of Texas and across the southeastern U.S. This publication describes options for managing the pest in specific locations such as home lawns, gardens and buildings. Other topics include ...
    • Managing Insect and Mite Pests of Crops and Livestock. 

      Drees, Bastiaan M. (Texas Agricultural Extension Service, 1989)
    • Managing Insect Pests of Cacti and Other Succulents in Water-Efficient Landscapes 

      Drees, Bastiaan M. (2008-11-06)
      Cacti and other succulents are popular landscape plants, especially where water is scarce. But a number of native and exotic pests can make it difficult to grow them. Learn how to identify and manage twelve insect pests ...
    • Managing Insects and Related Pests of Roses 

      Drees, Bastiaan M.; Pemberton, Brent; Cole, Charles L. (1999-07-12)
      Both sucking and chewing insects attack roses. This publication provides information on damage symptoms and control measures for common insects. Cultural and chemical insect control methods are discussed.
    • Managing Soybean Insects. 

      Drees, Bastiaan M.; Way, Michael O. (Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, 1988)
    • Oak Leaf Roller and Springtime Defoliation of Live Oak Trees 

      Drees, Bastiaan M. (2004-03-26)
      This publication explains how to minimize damage to live oak trees by the oak leaf roller and an associated caterpillar species, which occur throughout Texas but are most damaging in the Hill Country and South Texas.
    • Poultry Pest Management 

      Tomberlin, Jeffery K.; Drees, Bastiaan M. (2007-05-18)
      External parasites can transmit diseases, decrease egg production, increase feed costs and reduce weight gains in poultry. This bulletin focuses on control measures, as well as the characteristics, hosts, life cycle and ...
    • Rasberry Crazy Ant 

      Drees, Bastiaan M. (2009-05-04)
      The rasberry crazy ant is an exotic species recently introduced in Texas. It was originally discovered in Harris County, but has the potential to spread to other areas. The ants may literally cover the ground and trees, ...
    • Red Harvester Ants 

      Drees, Bastiaan M. (2006-04-24)
      Red harvester ants are one of the more noticeable and larger ants in open areas in Texas. However, their populations are declining and this has affected an animal that preys upon the ants--the threatened Texas horned lizard.
    • Rice Insect Management. 

      Drees, Bastiaan M. (Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, 1983)