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    • Compressor Controls 

      Sandberg, Mark; Kurz, Rainer; Borchard, Henry; McWhirter, Jeff; Day, Meera; Downing, David (Turbomachinery Laboratory, Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station, 2017)
    • T16 - Compressor Controls 

      Sandberg, Mark; Kurtz, Rainer; McWhirter, Jeff; Day-Towler, Meera; Downing, David; Weatherwax, Mark (Turbomachinery LaboratoryTexas A&M Engineering Experiment StationTexas A & M University. Libraries, [2019])
      Surge Detection Logic - Trip or not on Surge Detection? Compressor Control Redundancy Requirements Is the primary purpose of an anti-surge valve a control or protection? Check valve locations and their impact on ...