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    • Biosecurity for Beef Cattle Operations 

      Cleere, Jason; Gill, Ronald J.; Dement, Angela (2008-10-06)
      Biosecurity in the beef cattle industry involves understanding disease transmission and animal immunity, and then establishing a sound program for disease prevention. This publication explains general biosecurity practices.
    • Buying Vs. Raising Replacement Heifers 

      Cleere, Jason (2006-01-02)
      When deciding on the best strategy for replacing heifers, beef cattle producers should weigh several factors. This publication discusses several such issues, including current and future market prices; herd size; pastures, ...
    • Producing and Marketing High-Value Calves 

      Cleere, Jason; Boleman, Larry L. (2006-06-22)
      With production costs increasing and calf prices remaining fairly stable, cow-calf producers are searching for ways to add value to calves and make their operations more profitable. In this publication readers will learn ...
    • Texas Show Steer Breed Classification 

      Cleere, Jason; Mazurkiewicz, Jim; Hammack, Stephen P. (2008-02-28)
      With as many as 16 breeds and breed-cross classes in Texas shows, classifying the breed of a show steer is not always easy. Show steers are sorted into breed classes based on visual characteristics, which is often a matter ...