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    • Angular dependence of metamagnetic transitions in HoNi2B2C 

      Canfield, PC; Budko, SL; Cho, BK; Lacerda, A.; Farrell, D.; JohnstonHalperin, E.; Kalatsky, VA; Pokrovsky, Valery L. (American Physical Society, 1997)
      Detailed measurements of M(2 K, H, theta) of HoNi2B2C, where theta is the angle that the applied field H makes with the [110] axis while remaining perpendicular to the crystallographic c axis, reveal three metamagnetic ...
    • Anisotropic magnetoresistance of single-crystal HoNi2B2C and the interplay of magnetic and superconducting order 

      Rathnayaka, KDD; Naugle, Donald G.; Cho, BK; Canfield, PC. (American Physical Society, 1996)
      The in-plane resistivity and magnetization measurements as a function of the magnitude and direction of the magnetic field and the temperature are reported for single-crystal samples of the HoNi2B2C magnetic superconductor. ...