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    • A Bibliography of Expectation States Research 

      Berger, Joseph; Zelditch, Morris Jr (2015-08-15)
      This bibliography is a revised and expanded version of working paper 100.
    • Consistent and Inconsistent Social Characteristics and the Determination of Power and Prestige Orders 

      Berger, Joseph; Fisek, M. Hamit (2015-08-06)
      The work reported here was significant in the generalization of the first theory of status characteristics and expectation states (Technical Report #12 and Berger et al., 1966). The first theory could only account for ...
    • Directions in Expectation States Research 

      Berger, Joseph (Stanford University Press, 1988)
      This WP was prepared for a conference on the current state and future prospects for status and expectations research. It summarizes theoretical and empirical investigations, and describes the present structure of the ...
    • Distributive Justice: A Status Value Formulation 

      Berger, Joseph; Zelditch, Morris Jr; Anderson, Bo; Cohen, Bernard P (2015-07-29)
      The authors present a theory of distributive justice, feelings that a distribution of benefits and burdens to particular individuals is right and proper. They distinguish local systems and referential structures, and the ...
    • Do Sociological Theories Grow? 

      Wagner, David G; Berger, Joseph (2015-08-15)
      The authors claim that theoretical growth is often obscured by a narrow definition of “growth,” one that emphasizes only empirical support for a unit theory. They introduce the idea of theoretical research programs, ...
    • Evaluations and the Formation and Maintenance of Performance Expectations 

      Berger, Joseph; Conner, Thomas L; McKeown, William L. (2015-07-28)
      The authors elaborate the theory and model presented inTechnical Report 18 on the formation and maintenance of performance expectation states in task groups, and their effects on group structure and interaction. The main ...
    • Expectation States Theory: The Status of a Research Program 

      Berger, Joseph; Wagner, David G; Zelditch, Morris Jr (2015-08-15)
      This technical report updates the theoretical developments and empirical research in the program since the review by Berger, Rosenholtz, and Zelditch (1980).
    • Expectations, Theory, and Group Processes 

      Berger, Joseph (Social Psychology Quarterly, 1992)
      The author describes his career and the growth of the Expectation States research program. This talk was delivered when Joseph Berger received the Cooley-Mead Award from the Social Psychology Section of the American ...
    • Multi-Characteristic Status Situations and the Determination of Power and Prestige Order 

      Berger, Joseph; Fisek, M. Hamit; Crosbie, Paul V (2015-08-06)
      This technical report builds on the research reported in Technical Report 32. It reports a second experiment investigating how two status characteristics affect expectations and power and prestige. The theoretical goal ...
    • Participation in Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Groups: A Theoretical Integration 

      Fisek, M. Hamit; Berger, Joseph; Norman, Robert Z. (The American Journal of Sociology, 1991)
      The authors define a behavior interchange pattern that can affect performance expectation states and behavior. This WP was published by the authors (1991).
    • Paths of Consistent and Inconsistent Status Information and the Induction of Relevance 

      Berger, Joseph; Wagner, David G (2015-08-15)
      The concern is to determine the process by which directly relevant, and inversely relevant characteristics function to affect expectation states. Results of a four-condition experiment showed that dissimilarity alone of ...
    • Performance Expectation and Behavior in Small Groups 

      Berger, Joseph; Conner, Thomas L (2015-07-29)
      This is a revision of Technical Report 18.
    • Performance Expectations and Behavior in Small Groups 

      Berger, Joseph; Conner, Thomas L. (2015-07-21)
      This Technical Report presents the theoretical account for relations among power and prestige behaviors in small groups and performance expectation states. It explains, among other things, the high correlations among several ...
    • Processing Status Information 

      Balkwell, James W.; Berger, Joseph; Webster, Murray Jr.; Nelson-Kilger, Max; Cashen, Jacqueline (JAI Press, 1992)
      The authors compare variant formulations (different from those considered in 1990-1) for predicting the processing of status information. The main competitor considered argued that highly relevant information would eliminate ...
    • Programs, Theory, and Metatheory 

      Wagner, David G.; Berger, Joseph (2017-08-16)
      The authors respond to two critiques of their article “Do Sociological Theories Grow?” (1985). This WP is a somewhat longer version of their published responses (1986).
    • A Revised Bibliography of Expectation States Research 

      Berger, Joseph; Zelditch, Morris Jr (2017-08-16)
      As titled. This WP is a revision and expansion of TR#67. Berger, Wagner, and Webster (2014) provide a newer, although focused, view of the program.
    • Some Logical Consequences of the Status Characteristics Theory 

      Humphreys, Paul; Berger, Joseph (2015-08-15)
      Humphreys, a logician,and Berger, a sociological theorist, derive five theorems from the theory in Berger et al. (1977). Some of the theorems formally account for the link of status inequality to inequality in group structure ...
    • Stability of Organizational Status Structures 

      Zelditch, Morris Jr; Berger, Joseph; Cohen, Bernard P (2015-07-14)
      The authors develop theoretical foundation for ideas in earlier technical reports and elsewhere on status consistency, focusing on effects for organizations. When inconsistent ranks of individuals and jobs become salient, ...
    • Status Characteristics and Expectation States 

      Berger, Joseph; Cohen, Bernard P.; Zelditch, Morris Jr. (2015-07-19)
      This is the first statement of the theory of status characteristics and expectation states and a form of the manuscipt was published by the authors (1966). The theory generalizes the theory of performance expectations first ...
    • Status Characteristics and Expectation States: A Process Model 

      Berger, Joseph; Cohen, Bernard P.; Conner, Thomas L.; Zelditch, Morris Jr (2015-07-21)
      This technical report describes how status inequality can produce similar inequality of expectation states, and how the interaction process is affected by the status generalization process. It elaborates some ideas in the ...