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    • Electron Irradiation Induced Changes of the Electrical Transport Properties of Graphene 

      Woo, Sung Oh (2014-08-06)
      This research investigates the effect of electron irradiation on transport properties in graphene Field Effect Transistor (FET) devices. Upon irradiation, graphene is doped with electrons and adsorbs molecules by transfer ...
    • On the Magnon Bose Einstein Condensation in Ferromagnetic Film 

      Li, Fuxiang (2014-11-12)
      Bose-Einstein condensation (BEC) is one of the most intriguing macroscopic quantum phenomena. It has been observed in a variety of different systems, including ultracold atoms and ensembles of quasiparticles. In this work ...
    • Spintronics in Half-Passivated Graphene 

      Hemmatiyan, Shayan (2016-12-02)
      In this thesis, I propose a practical way to stabilize half passivated graphene (graphone). I show that the dipole moments induced by a hexagonal-boron nitride (h-BN) substrate on graphene stabilize the hydrogen atoms on ...