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    • Systematic Analysis of Genetic and Pharmaceutical Modulators of the Eukaryotic Cell Cycle 

      Hoose, Scott Allen (2012-10-19)
      Cell replication and division are central to the proliferation of life, and have implications for normal growth and development as well as disease state. Assembly of a complete picture of the systems which control this ...
    • Systematic Analysis of Priority Water Resources Problems to Develop a Comprehensive Research Program for the Southern Plains River Basins Region 

      Babcock, R. E.; Clark, J. W.; Dantin, E. J.; Edmison, M. T.; Evans, N. A.; Power, W. L.; Runkles, J. L. (Texas Water Resources Institute, 1975-02)
      During the past twenty years, there have been several evaluations of national water resources research requirements. Many states have made similar analyses of their water resources research needs. Funding for water resources ...
    • Systematic and Evolutionary Studies in the Dichanthelium acuminatum (Poaceae:Paniceae) Complex 

      Hammer, Ricky Lee (2011-08-08)
      Taxonomic boundaries and systematic relationships in the grass subspecific complex Dichanthelium acuminatum were investigated with both morphological and molecular methods. Circumscription of subspecific taxa comprising ...
    • A systematic approach for characterizing waves in a model basin 

      Sarat, Andrew Charles (Texas A&M University, 1994)
      This research study focused upon the development of a general methodology to characterize regular and random waves in a large model basin. The objectives of the study were to both identify and quantify the various ...
    • Systematic Approach for Chemical Reactivity Evaluation 

      Aldeeb, Abdulrehman Ahmed (Texas A&M University, 2004-09-30)
      Under certain conditions, reactive chemicals may proceed into uncontrolled chemical reaction pathways with rapid and significant increases in temperature, pressure, and/or gas evolution. Reactive chemicals have been ...
    • Systematic Approach to Compare the Inflammatory Response of Liver Cell Culture Systems Exposed to Silver, Copper, and Nickel Nanoparticles 

      Banerjee, Nivedita (2011-10-21)
      Although nano-sized metal colloids are used in industrial and medicinal applications, little is known about the potential liver toxicity of these materials after occupational or intentional exposures. To begin to resolve ...
    • A systematic approach to energy efficiency retrofit solutions for exsisting office buildings 

      Shao,Y. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 2014)
    • A Systematic Approach to Offshore Fields Development Using an Integrated Workflow 

      Alqahtani, Mari H. (2010-10-12)
      I present a systematic method to primary develop existing black oil fields. This method uses integrated reservoir development workflow (IRDW) that relies on integrated asset model (IAM). Developing any existing field means ...

      Maroun, Justin Walter (2013-02-04)
      The Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (SARS-CoV) caused a severe atypical pneumonia in humans with close to a 10% mortality rate, and caused a global outbreak in 2003. To better understand the pathogenesis of ...
    • Systematic Classroom Observation of the Quality of Teacher Behaviors and Student Engagement in Ethnically Diverse Pre-Kindergarten Through Second-Grade Classrooms 

      Alford, Beverly Lynn (2012-07-16)
      The purpose of the study was to observe pre-kindergarten through second-grade public school classrooms, specifically noting child-centered and teacher-directed pedagogical approaches, by simultaneously examining: student ...
    • Systematic delineation of Phymatotrichum root rot occurrence in cotton using remotely-sensed data 

      Smith, Brandon Dewitt (Texas A&M University, 1979)
      Not available
    • A systematic determination of legends for destination and distance signs in Texas 

      McClure, Wesley Glen (Texas A&M University, 1998)
      Destination and Distance signs are guide signs which are commonly used along rural highways in Texas to display the names of the destinations to be found along a highway, the direction to travel, and the distance in miles ...
    • Systematic examination of dynamically driven organic reactions via kinetic isotope effects 

      Ussing, Bryson Richard (Texas A&M University, 2007-04-25)
      Organic reactions are systematically examined experimentally and theoretically to determine the role dynamics plays in the outcome of the reaction. It is shown that trajectory studies are of vital importance in understanding ...
    • Systematic implications of mtDNA sequence variation in a deer mouse species endemic to islands in the Gulf of California 

      Moore, Ashli Francille (Texas A&M University, 2013-02-22)
      The wide distribution and variety of species of deer mice, Peromyscus, provide a unique opportunity to examine the phylogenetic relationships of the mammals of western North America. Recent studies have raised questions ...
    • Systematic Investigation of Hydrogel Material Properties on Cell Responses for Vocal Fold and Vascular Graft Tissue Engineering 

      Bulick, Allen (2010-01-14)
      The research presented here deals with synthetic materials for application in tissue engineering, primarily poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) and poly(dimethyl siloxane)star (PDMS)star. Tissue engineering seeks to repair or ...
    • A Systematic Investigation of Shear Connections Between Full-Depth Precast Panels and Precast Prestressed Bridge Girders 

      Brey, Robert W. (2010-07-14)
      Full-depth precast panels are used in concrete bridges to provide several benefits such as faster construction, lower cost and reduced constructional hazard. However, one construction drawback is that connectors are required ...
    • Systematic measurements of identified particle spectra in pp, d plus Au, and Au plus Au collisions at the STAR detector 

      Abelev, B. I.; Aggarwal, M. M.; Ahammed, Z.; Anderson, B. D.; Arkhipkin, D.; Averichev, G. S.; Bai, Y.; Balewski, J.; Barannikova, O.; Barnby, L. S.; Baudot, J.; Baumgart, S.; Beavis, D. R.; Bellwied, R.; Benedosso, F.; Betts, R. R.; Bhardwaj, S.; Bhasin, A.; Bhati, A. K.; Bichsel, H.; Bielcik, J.; Bielcikova, J.; Biritz, B.; Bland, L. C.; Bombara, M.; Bonner, B. E.; Botje, M.; Bouchet, J.; Braidot, E.; Brandin, A. V.; Bruna, E.; Bueltmann, S.; Burton, T. P.; Bystersky, M.; Cai, X. Z.; Caines, H.; Sanchez, M. Calderson de la Barca; Callner, J.; Catu, O.; Cebra, D.; Cendejas, R.; Cervantes, M. C.; Chajecki, Z.; Chaloupka, P.; Chattopadhyay, S.; Chen, H. F.; Chen, J. H.; Chen, J. Y.; Cheng, J.; Cherney, M.; Chikanian, A.; Choi, K. E.; Christie, W.; Chung, S. U.; Clarke, R. F.; Codrington, M. J. M.; Coffin, J. P.; Cormier, T. M.; Cosentino, M. R.; Cramer, J. G.; Crawford, H. J.; Das, D.; Dash, S.; Daugherity, M.; De Silva, C.; Dedovich, T. G.; DePhillips, M.; Derevschikov, A. A.; de Souza, R. Derradi; Didenko, L.; Djawotho, P.; Dogra, S. M.; Dong, X.; Drachenberg, J. L.; Draper, J. E.; Du, F.; Dunlop, J. C.; Mazumdar, M. R. Dutta; Edwards, W. R.; Efimov, L. G.; Elhalhuli, E.; Elnimr, M.; Emelianov, V.; Engelage, J.; Eppley, G.; Erazmus, B.; Estienne, M.; Eun, L.; Fachini, P.; Fatemi, R.; Fedorisin, J.; Feng, A.; Filip, P.; Finch, E.; Fine, V.; Fisyak, Y.; Gagliardi, Carl A.; Gaillard, L.; Gangadharan, D. R.; Ganti, M. S.; Garcia-Solis, E.; Ghazikhanian, V.; Ghosh, P.; Gorbunov, Y. N.; Gordon, A.; Grebenyuk, O.; Grosnick, D.; Grube, B.; Guertin, S. M.; Guimaraes, K. S. F. F.; Gupta, A.; Gupta, N.; Guryn, W.; Haag, B.; Hallman, T. J.; Hamed, A.; Harris, J. W.; He, W.; Heinz, M.; Heppelmann, S.; Hippolyte, B.; Hirsch, A.; Hjort, E.; Hoffman, A. M.; Hoffmann, G. W.; Hofman, D. J.; Hollis, R. S.; Huang, H. Z.; Humanic, T. J.; Igo, G.; Iordanova, A.; Jacobs, P.; Jacobs, W. W.; Jakl, P.; Jin, F.; Jones, P. G.; Joseph, J.; Judd, E. 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J.; Smirnov, N.; Snellings, R.; Sorensen, P.; Sowinski, J.; Spinka, H. M.; Srivastava, B.; Stadnik, A.; Stanislaus, T. D. S.; Staszak, D.; Strikhanov, M.; Stringfellow, B.; Suaide, A. A. P.; Suarez, M. C.; Subba, N. L.; Sumbera, M.; Sun, X. M.; Sun, Y.; Sun, Z.; Surrow, B.; Symons, T. J. M.; de Toledo, A. Szanto; Takahashi, J.; Tang, A. H.; Tang, Z.; Tarnowsky, T.; Thein, D.; Thomas, J. H.; Tian, J.; Timmins, A. R.; Timoshenko, S.; Tlusty, D.; Tokarev, M.; Tram, V. N.; Trattner, A. L.; Trentalange, S.; Tribble, Robert E.; Tsai, O. D.; Ulery, J.; Ullrich, T.; Underwood, D. G.; Buren, G. Van; van Leeuwen, M.; Molen, A. M. Vander; Vanfossen, J. A., Jr.; Varma, R.; Vasconcelos, G. M. S.; Vasilevski, I. M.; Vasiliev, A. N.; Videbaek, F.; Vigdor, S. E.; Viyogi, Y. P.; Vokal, S.; Voloshin, S. A.; Wada, M.; Waggoner, W. T.; Wang, F.; Wang, G.; Wang, J. S.; Wang, Q.; Wang, X.; Wang, X. L.; Wang, Y.; Webb, J. C.; Westfall, G. D.; Whitten, C., Jr.; Wieman, H.; Wissink, S. W.; Witt, R.; Wu, Y.; Xu, N.; Xu, Q. H.; Xu, Y.; Xu, Z.; Yepes, P.; Yoo, I. -K; Yue, Q.; Zawisza, M.; Zbroszczyk, H.; Zhan, W.; Zhang, H.; Zhang, S.; Zhang, W. M.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, Z. P.; Zhao, Y.; Zhong, C.; Zhou, J.; Zoulkarneev, R.; Zoulkarneeva, Y.; Zuo, J. X.; STAR Collaboration. (American Physical Society, 2009)
      Identified charged-particle spectra of pi(+/-), K(+/-), p, and (p) over bar at midrapidity (vertical bar y vertical bar < 0.1) measured by the dE/dx method in the STAR (solenoidal tracker at the BNL Relativistic Heavy Ion ...
    • A Systematic Methodology to Underpin the CC® Process Using Calibrated BES Models 

      White, G.; Keane, M.; Raftery, P.; Coakley, D. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 2011)
      This paper describes a theoretical framework for utilizing whole building and reduced order calibrated BES models to underpin a systematic Continuous Commissioning® (CC®) process for building environmental optimisation and ...
    • A Systematic Review of Financial Literacy as a Termed Concept: More Questions Than Answers 

      Faulkner, Ashley E. (Taylor & Francis, 2015)
      Financial literacy, as a concept by that name, has only been explored in library science literature for a little over a decade. The concept, and especially the role of libraries in furthering this literacy, is still evolving. ...
    • Systematic Sampling of Scanning Lidar Swaths 

      Marcell, Wesley Tyler (2011-02-22)
      Proof of concept lidar research has, to date, examined wall-to-wall models of forest ecosystems. While these studies have been important for verifying lidars efficacy for forest surveys, complete coverage is likely not ...